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If Paintings Could Talk: an iPad Journal

A professional oil painter's iPad is a "studio tucked in her purse," and this book is the gallery of her stunning digital art.

All of the paintings, drawings, and digital collages in this book were created by Anne Ward on her iPad. This book includes rough sketches, collages, notes from the author to herself, and more finished digital paintings.

Anne has been painting professionally and exhibiting her oil paintings for the past twenty years. She has been featured in magazines and periodicals. Using the iPad has allowed her to create every day and daydream more often.

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An excerpt from If Paintings Could Talk.

iPad Paintings: How They’re Made

“I first started painting on an iPad when I was going through a divorce and subsequent health crisis. I was spending a fair amount of time in doctor's offices. Waiting. Lots of waiting. My best friend Cindy had moved to the East coast and we began to keep in touch via drawings on the iPad. Painting on the iPad allowed me to stay creative, find a sense of calm in the face of health unknowables and to paint using small snippets of time. Balancing a creative life with the demands of parenting is always of interest to me. I would tuck the iPad in my purse and have it ready when parked in carpool or waiting for tennis matches to begin.

I often wake in the early morning and paint before the kids and the sun have arisen. I love this time. I will sometimes paint from life or paint from a photo. There is no clean up. No need to change clothes.” - an excerpt from If Paintings Could Talk by Anne Ward

Check out some of these videos to see how some of my most popular iPad paintings were made!